About Us

First, thank you for visiting our website.

Pickup Brand Coffee was started by two friends, Brad and Brandon, who were tired of building award-winning show cars. One morning, over a cup of coffee we decided to create Pickup Brand Coffee.

 Brandon and Brad Pickup Brand Coffee

The Long Version:

Building award-winning cars was fun, and our customers were amazing, but it was a constant struggle and the lack of free time was taking its toll. The final straw came when Brad took my tired Land Rover to lunch, with its dash full of warning lights, no AC, and the passenger side window held up with a screwdriver. 

“Brandon, that was terrible,” said Brad when he returned. “We build all these nice cars and none of us have time to fix our own stuff. We gotta do something else.”

The next morning while brainstorming potential ideas over a cup of coffee, we decided to sell… coffee. Good, honest coffee for the masses.

Did we think a coffee company would be a lot more fun than sanding bodywork and toiling away like monks in a metal building? Oh yes… yes we did. 

And in that moment, Pickup Brand Coffee was born. 

Pickup Brand Coffee logo

Read why the Pickup *on this page.*

And know that we apply the same amount of dedication to craft and quality in developing our flavors that work that we did to our cars, and hold you, our customers in the highest regard. 

Our philosophy is Think. Work. Enjoy. Learn about that *right here*.

And we proudly support education with discounts for teachers. *Learn More*.