The Pickup

Why the pickup? 

Aside from the obvious pun, and non-intentional visual link to our mechanical roots, the pickup is a symbol of our dedication and effectiveness to the company and, more importantly, you our customers. 


The icon is based upon an actual truck, Brad’s orange 1967 GMC. As a young man he pursued the truck after discovering it in town. It was in original condition and in very good shape. The owner was reluctant to sell, and finally decided it was time. Brad had worked very hard for the money and the truck wasn’t cheap. 

He drove the truck every day and loved it dearly. However he found himself in need of money for medical bills and was forced to let it go.

One day Brad found an older gentleman sitting behind the wheel of his truck as he came out of the local bank. The gentleman liked the truck so much he made Brad an offer he simply couldn’t refuse, and it was reluctantly sold.

Brad missed the truck very much, and vowed to get it back one day. He’d sold it with the gentleman's agreement of “first buy-back rights” as most sentimental deals go. After periodically checking on it, the guy finally called, ten years later, to say the truck was available, albeit for a much higher price due to market conditions.

Brad had worked hard building his business over the years and had put aside just enough money to bring the truck home. More impressively, the truck had only been driven 50 miles in the decade it was gone, and was pretty much as he’d left it.

To us it symbolizes overcoming hardships, focusing on long-term goals and working hard to achieve them, and the passion in life for success. Good things come to those who work, and America was built on pickup trucks and coffee.